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Leanies - Deli Dog

Leanies - Deli Dog

SKU: WF3333

WORTHINGTON® MEATLESS LEANIES™ DELI DOG is perfect for picnics, grilling, and adding to your favorite dish. Slice and add to baked beans, mac and cheese or mash and create a delicious sandwich filling!

  • Shipping Disclaimer


    Our shipping department DOES NOT have dry ice!

    As we are located in New England, our frozen products are shipped within the winter months (November-March) to help keep frozen items insulated as best as possible--Come April, we will cancel online orders for frozen product(s)

    If you are not a local customer and care to proceed with your order, please give us a call, but be aware that we are not responsible for any thawing that may occur during the shipping process. 

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